I have not blogged in a long time! That’s just how it is for me. I’ve accepted that about myself. 

I decide that I am going to write about my move and found this is draft. It’s about another change.

~ written about a change I made on my 46th birthday. It really has made shopping a lot easier, not only on the pocketbook but also the heart & conscience. 


Change. I always want it. Sometimes I’m afraid of it and sometimes I embrace it.

Like everyone else, I want a richer life, which to me is a better life. I don’t mean wealth or fame. I want a life of experiences, minor and major.

So I started examining my life and noting the changes I had to make. Of course it all came down to me making changes within myself. I always have a choice. The only control I have is over myself. And even with that I’ve lost control before and probably will again! I started a little over 3 years ago, on my 46th birthday, on the changes.

First was my consumer fast. I can only swap, thrift, make or be gifted any clothing. Undergarments and swimwear are exempt from this. Shoes are on a fine line. I have tiny feet and finding my shoe size can be difficult. I also love shoes, so they fall
on a case by case basis.

I have done a awesome job at this and if I must say so myself, I have been stylish doing it.

My daughters and sister are eco fashionistas too. And so are most of my friends It’s a movement that is spreading and it makes me so happy.

People expressing themselves in limited choice garb instead of clothing themselves from a chain store that has a thousand of the same shirt.

The labourers of fast fashion are severely underpaid. I can’t support that. This is a dilemma for me because so many families rely on that money to survive, as little as it is. So do I stop supporting theindistries that exploit that? 

~ this part is what I added. I realized I had not finished it because I was stumped!

So what did I do? 

I chose not to support it directly. What I mean by this is that I do not have a problem buying or swapping a mass produced item. I know that there are those that are stricter with their boundaries, however, I’m not. Hey I know this saves an item probably destined for the landfill.
This year I turn 50. It’s almost 4 years.

I have been great with buying only preloved items, swapping and gifting. I even went to New York and kept my promise! I found my favourite black suede skirt in the Harlem Goodwill. Actually, my favourite go to black shirt (it’s peplum) is from there too! 

Disclaimer: I did buy new shoes since vintage ones are not as accesssible. Oh, and new undergarments. Sometimes you have to spoil yourself. 

 Skirt from UberSwap held by Nathalie Roze. It’s my favourite swap event of all time. 

Here’s to a lifetime of treaure hunting!

I found this recently in my notes and don’t know if I posted it anywhere.

Written May 16th, 2014

There is an acceptance of yourself that happens as you get older that brings peace in your heart.

What you thought was unpleasant or annoying when you were 20 is now just something that is part of normal life. You accept it and stop worrying about it. You can work around it just like those around you do. That’s why you love them. They accept you.

I know I love people and their stories. I love listening to them as much as they love to tell me all the details. I can’t help it. I like that people persevere. They go on. Hope is alive and well even if we don’t know it.


Living simply.

Via Apartment Therapy. (one of my favourite sites)

“My parents did the best they could with what they had, and have been a very fine example. What they did was this:

Keep the house clean and tidy.

If anything broke, they fixed it the best they could. That taught me to be very creative, and it always makes me proud of what I make, because the solutions you come up with when you are forced by circumstances are much better than anything your could ever buy.

My mother knew how to sew and knit, and there was never a missing button or a hole, she would fix it immediately.

If the soles of our shoes were worn down, our dad glued on new soles, made from old tires.

Our shoes were shined once a week.

Clothes were dried outside, which still is common here.

We had a freezer. Freezing bread and meat in the right sized portions, so that nothing would spoil.

Never use money you don’t have. If there is something you want, buy it at the end of the month, if you still have money left. It is okay to say in a shop, no thank you – I cannot afford that.

Save. Just a little.

Make your own meals. Make soups / bone broths.

Always bring a lunch pack. A little leftover from yesterday is a treat.

Grow parsley, chives or basil in your windowsill and use it in your kitchen.

Create a community where you help each other. Maybe someone needs their fence fixed and would love to make you a cake in return.

Cut your husband’s hair yourself. A cutting kit with a machine and a scissor costs less than two visits at the hairdresser. Girls grow your hair long.

When I was small most of my clothes were used and I actually was ashamed of that even though they were nice. Today I see this trend has changed here in Scandinavia. It is common to buy second hand and to accept hand me downs. No one seems to be ashamed of that now.

My shame has actually turned into pride. Every human is worth the same, rich or poor, and we have to learn to take pride in ourselves no matter how much money we have. It is a shame that we are not equal but it is nothing to be ashamed of!

Cleaning, washing, fixing, maintaining and mending does not cost much, but makes you keep a sense of pride in difficult circumstances.”

I want all of the pieces.
The colours, the cuts and combinations of patterns.




Via: Honestly WTF

New upcycled treasures in kuLaygirl‘s etsy shop!



Lots more to come!

I met this woman from Vancouver at a work event. Stunning. The simplicity of this look is timeless & effortless.

Look at those shoes!


I was thrifting at the Salvation Army and I looked up and saw this stylish young lady.


All the elements of her outfit were not that spectacular by themselves. It was how she put the together. This is style.

I’m sorry to have missed the Toronto Nuit Blanche again this year.

However, I’m happy that Ai Weiwei‘s Forever Bicycles installation is still up for me and everyone else to enjoy! Thank you Ai Weiwei. Thank you Toronto.

In Nathan Phillip’s Square, this is what I saw.

All photos taken with my iPhone.
They are not altered in any way. Not even cropped.







It makes me happy when people show me a beautiful way to see something I take for granted.

Fashion in Leaves by Tang Chiew LingSeptember 27, 2013 by this is colossal.




You know why I love daily art muse?
They always find the most wonderful art. I’m always amazed.

They featured Christopher David White.

And once again I am grateful to them.
Thanks daily art muse..


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