I want all of the pieces.
The colours, the cuts and combinations of patterns.




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New upcycled treasures in kuLaygirl‘s etsy shop!



Lots more to come!

I met this woman from Vancouver at a work event. Stunning. The simplicity of this look is timeless & effortless.

Look at those shoes!


I was thrifting at the Salvation Army and I looked up and saw this stylish young lady.


All the elements of her outfit were not that spectacular by themselves. It was how she put the together. This is style.

I’m sorry to have missed the Toronto Nuit Blanche again this year.

However, I’m happy that Ai Weiwei‘s Forever Bicycles installation is still up for me and everyone else to enjoy! Thank you Ai Weiwei. Thank you Toronto.

In Nathan Phillip’s Square, this is what I saw.

All photos taken with my iPhone.
They are not altered in any way. Not even cropped.







It makes me happy when people show me a beautiful way to see something I take for granted.

Fashion in Leaves by Tang Chiew LingSeptember 27, 2013 by this is colossal.




You know why I love daily art muse?
They always find the most wonderful art. I’m always amazed.

They featured Christopher David White.

And once again I am grateful to them.
Thanks daily art muse..

We are now open for business!

Check out our shop kuLaygirl on Etsy!

Make sure you check back often as our shop gets filled!

These are the best badges ever. Russel’s badges from the movie UP! I want these.

Can you imagine earning that donut badge? That would be my pleasure.

More here at zeezeezeez.

One evening I told my daughter Camille that I decided to just do what I had to do with kuLay, my jewellery. Two days later, she had the etsy information, the Instagram, email and a long list of questions. We did it. We took the first step.

kuLaygirl will consist of different lines. All lines will be made by me and my daughters Camille and Caira. And yes, of course there will be collaboration. How can there not be with three opinionated ladies with their own styles.

We strive to be eco friendly, but please note that new material will be used for most jewellery findings. We use manufacturing waste, found objects, household waste and anything that inspires our imagination. Some pieces/lines will use only new material, however we will try to do it sparingly. (Because know what? Sometimes its just the thing that inspires! And wire really inspires me and I like it brand new and on spools.)

So in the next couple if weeks, a feature will be done as each line is finished.

So excited! And with my girls! How much better can it get?

Here’s a sneak peek.




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